[armedslack] glibc and --enable-kernel

Tobias Poschwatta tp at fonz.de
Mon May 14 20:26:20 UTC 2007

Hi there,

I was about to try ARMedslack on my D-Link DNS-323. It's got an
ARM926EJ-S (armv5l), 64MB RAM and two SATA ports:

Typically, this kind of embedded device (especially those from D-Link,
it seems) comes with really buggy firmware and very limited
functionality (e.g. the DNS323 offers an old samba 2.2.8, but no NFS).

So people start to "customize", which usually means they install
Debian. Since I'm using Slackware wherever possible for quite a few
years now, I prefer ARMedslack over Debian/ARM.

Tried and failed. Here's why:

  FATAL: kernel too old

which I found out is most likeley the result of this line in

   --enable-kernel=2.6.20 \

Problem is that most DNS-323 components are not supported by vanilla
kernels (yet). D-Link ships, and porting the drivers to
newer kernels is probably difficult and very time-consuming.

What's the reason for the 2.6.20 requirement?


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