[armedslack] Hi

Bernhard Guillon realmrnice at freenet.de
Sat Jun 17 17:19:05 UTC 2006

glad to here that there is now a mailinglist!
Well I want to build a Slackware like distribution for the Simens SIMpad 
[1] which I will call SLACKpad. The concept you can see here [2]. So I 
want to use parts of your work. Do you know if ARMedslack will run under 
qemu-arm? I will try to get it runnig there to have a building system. I 
am on x86 and crosscompiling isn't that easy thing ;) - as you also 
Is there a IRC channel where you are hanging around? It would be verry 
cool to talk to you a bit about the stuff.
Bernhard Guillon
1 http://test.opensimpad.org/index.php/Hardware_Introduction
2 http://test.opensimpad.org/index.php/SLACKpad

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