[armedslack] Re: RiscPC install instructions for ARMedslack ?

Mark Smith markinnz at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 02:16:27 UTC 2006

Hi Stuart,

Well I'm 95% done .. got to go get a proper hard disk on wednesday
since the 1.7Gb one is a pain to squeeze onto :-)

I've a basic install done and it boots nicely (I was very proud of
myself when I managed to install via NFS from the Mac :-)

Only thing I'm having trouble with is X ... it's been to long since
I've done anything the hard way (any chance of Armed-Knoppix ? :-)
running "startx" does nothing except give me an "X" cursor and then
back to console, xdm does give me a graphic login but then it to does
an "X" cursor and then back to the xdm login again.  Fairly certain
I've a few window managers installed, but like I said , been to long
on the easy road!

Once I get a new disk (80Gb one or something) I'll do a full install
and see if that's better.

Oh yes one other thing ... when the RiscOS boot Linux app starts, is
there a way for it to do it cleanly ?  Risc OS always complains that
the machine was not shutdown nicely the next time it starts.



On 12/31/06, Stuart Winter <m-lists at biscuit.org.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> On Fri, 29 Dec 2006, Mark Smith wrote:
> > I think I have sussed it ... if I create the partitions (swap and main
> > filesystem), then reboot the RiscPC, restart Linux setup then it all
> > works .. something to do with re-reading the partition table perhaps ?
> Yeah - I have seen this when I'd use HDs that had been used in a PC.
> I included 'partprobe' (from 'parted') which is supposed to tell the
> Kernel to update partition table changes.
> I have patched /sbin/probe to run partprobe if it's running on a RiscPC.
> However, after testing today I found that /proc/partitions wasn't updated.
> Rebooting is probably the best way.
> > "daemon.notice modprobe: FATAL: Could not load
> > /lib/modules/ No such file or directory"
> That's OK - I don't include Kernel modules in the initrd; all of the
> relevant stuff is compiled into the Kernels provided.
> > And when the firlsystem has ben formated with ext2, after it finished
> > it complains that the "ext3" filesystem has no journal ?!?
> Yeah that's weird.  I see that with qemu and the RiscPC -- it doesn't seem
> to cause a problem though, and if you do
> dumpe2fs /dev/hdX | less
> you can see that the filesystem does not have the journal feature.
> I have uploaded some new changes to the color.gz installer image -- now
> the sizes of the identified partitions are correct on the RiscPC (it was
> just a vanity thing).
> How did the install go? Has it finished? :-)
> s.

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